How to setup a custom domain name with BlogSpot

Google provides free blogging at and also allowing you to point your own custom domain name or sub domain name to your blog.

Here is described how to point your domain or sub domain name to your blog. There are two parts of this process adding your domain and configure the DNS of your domain.

Before you setup you will need a domain name, if you already have that great! If not you can register as you like.

Setup your BlogSpot account:

Log into your Blogspot account at and then click on "Settings" on the left-hand side


Now click on "Settings" > "Basic" > "Publishing" – this will bring up the following screen


Click on "Add a Custom Domain" to bring up the next screen


Click on "Switch to Advanced Settings" if you already have domain name.

Now enter your domain name WITH the www prefix (in our example, we used and click "save".


You'll see an error message. That's ok. Copy the two records it asks you to create and open a new browser window (don’t close this window).

Leave this window open, as we'll need to go back to it again in a few minutes.

Setup your DNS of your domain account:

Lots of Web Hosting provider offers cPanel to host their website, The DNS zone editors can be found under the Domains section. There are 2 possible options you can choose Advanced DNS Zone Editor and Simple DNS Zone Editor. Login your cPanel account and following up the steps.

Simple DNS Zone Editor

Step-1: Log in to cPanel and click on Simple DNS Zone Editor, from Domains section.


Step-2:  Enter the information Google provided, at the place of Add a CNAME Record Name and CNAME, then click on Add CNAME Record. Like;



Step-3: Enter A Records at the place of Add an A Record, and then click on Add a Record like;
    Name    Address


You have done DNS setup. Now wait upto 24 hours to propagate.

Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Step-1: Log in to cPanel and click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor, under the Domains.


Step-2: Select CNAME from type dropdown menu, in the name field put “www” and address field “”, TTL field enter 14400 or if you are known. Then click on Add Record.


Step-3: Select A from type dropdown menu. You can put A Record on the same way. TTL 14400 or if you are known.
    Name    Address
Now you have completed CNAME & A Record.

Finalizing the BlogSpot setup:

Now, go back to your previous open window for BlogSpot and click on “Save” again at the bottom of the page, the page will bring you back to your main page.
Now click on "Settings" > "Basic" > "Publishing" again and click edit beside your domain name.


Check in “redirect to

Now you've completed the final setup at BlogSpot with your own domain name.